Exploring the machinery of life and decoding the complex strands, we engineer the unseen into unimaginable.
The Technical Association of Biotechnology aims at working and guiding towards a future of limitless possibilities, opportunities and dreams. We look forward to providing a holistic development to all the students.
The Technical Association of Biotechnology (TAB) is an organization comprising of individuals with a passion and zeal for the vast science that is biotechnology. It develops and fosters the spirit of curiosity in future scientists and provides an immersive insight into this field. TAB aims at creating a conductive environment for pursuing research and encourages newcomers in this field to broaden their horizons through various activities, seminars and workshops. At TAB, we look forward to bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniors as well as allow for interaction with the professors at the Institute. With the abundance of experience that is provided by the seniors and the professors, students do learn of the paths they can take, even apart from research, if interested. This makes sure that all students in the department have access to the right opportunities for their field of interest. While concentrating on Biotechnology and the possibilities it holds for the future, we make sure the students know what they’re getting into. At TAB, we work together to be as supportive of the students of the department, while continuously encouraging them to pursue their interests and wants.