The School for Interdisciplinary Research (SIRe) was started at IIT Delhi a couple of years ago to enable greater interdisciplinarity of research and research entrepreneurial efforts on campus.

Saliently, the way it works is:

1. Two faculty colleagues (coadvisors), from different Departments / Centers within IIT Delhi, or from schools we have an MoU with, such as AIIMS, JNU or NII float a project that defines the specific research they are interested in. Information regarding this is available on our

2. Students satisfying the requirements of the project can apply, regardless of their background as long as they satisfy admission requirements:
So, the best way for students to proceed is to proactively contact IITD faculty colleagues (any Department) and express their desire to work with them if there is a specific research / research entrepreneurship problem they want to work on (will need to be specific).

3. Financial support will be provided by the co-advisors through their projects or consultancies, or a center of excellence at IIT Delhi. Student fellowships such as CSIR, UGC, DBT, etc. are all welcome. Part-time students are permitted from partner organizations we have an MoU with. Please see:

4. At this time, we are only accepting Ph. D. applicants. MS applicants will be accepted in the near future. Information regarding SIRe has been put together in two documents:
A. A poster you can print out (or otherwise) display at your school:

B. A flyer you can print (double sided) and fold for distribution to students:
I would appreciate it if you could share this email with interested students.

With best regards,


Head, SIRe @ IIT Delhi

Rahul Sharmabr
Office Staff, SIRe @ IIT Delhi